Southern Cultures – I Never Believed in the Perfect Mother

 Dorothy Allison with artwork by Susan Harbage Page

Read the whole interview HERE.

The images are from my Women Waiting Series, Rust on reprinted found photographs. Inspired in part by Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s, “The Yellow Wallpaper.”

“So I look at my life as a radical feminist and the
thing I find most horrifying is the lack of compassion
that we have shown in our politics. The one thing I
learned deeply from Grace Paley was that the core of
politics is compassion, and that if you don’t have it,
you’ve screwed up in unforgivable ways. And if you do
have it? You can screw up and still [succeed], because
to have behaved with compassion gives you a position
from which you can reach people. So far, so good with
my kid. Compassion helps.”
Dorothy Allison

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