Biz People Learn to Unlock Creativity From Artists by Aaron Dalton

I’m delighted to announce that Americans for the Arts has just published The pARTnership Movement essay Foster Critical Thinking featuring the case study on the McColl Center for Art + Innovation.
By Aaron Dalton

Here is a direct link to the Foster Critical Thinking essay –

 According to the 2008 Ready to Innovate report by The Conference Board, Americans for the Arts, and the American Association of School Administrators 97% of U.S. business executives agree that creativity is becoming more important in the workplace, 85% of U.S. executives looking to hire creative people say they cannot find enough qualified applicants and 61% of U.S. executives say that employers have the responsibility to instill creativity in the workforce. Learn how can companies encourage creativity among their employees in order to drive innovation in our pARTnership Movement essay.

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