Imagining Home at the Baltimore Museum of Art

Imagining Home

Baltimore Museum of Art, Maryland

From October 25, 2015 — June 1, 2018

The inaugural exhibition for the BMA’s new Center for People & Art brings together more than 30 works from across the BMA’s collection to explore the universal theme of home.

Nest, Laredo, Texas, Susan Harbage Page


Arrivals & Departures: Objects that show a world of constant transformation and movement include Alfred Stieglitz’s Steerage (1907) photograph of passengers boarding a ship, Susan Harbage Page’s Hiding Place No. 3, Laredo, Texas (2011) large scale photograph of a temporary shelter for someone crossing the U.S./Mexican border, and an ancient Nayarit Model House (c. 200 A.D.) created for the afterlife.

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