Don’t You Lie To Me – A Visual Arts Podcast

Hope you’ll give a listen to this interview that the cool guys…Jeff Bell and Warren Hicks…. did for their Visual Arts Podcast “Don’t You Lie To me.” I was lucky enough to be interviewed for episode 12.

Dont You Lie To Me with Susan Harbage Page

Whoa! Stop what you’re doing and listen to this episode!
Jeff talks with the amazing conceptual artist and arts educator Susan Harbage Page. This one is a doozy! Susan is a multi-disciplinary artist exploring immigration, race, gender, and nation, utilizing photography, drawing, painting, video, performance, textiles, and found objects as her media. She’s also a stellar human being that plays a mean saxophone! Susan’s work has been exhibited across the globe and has been collected by major national and international museums. She’s also accumulated numerous awards throughout her career. 

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