Objects from the Borderlands at Greensboro Project Space

Objects from the Borderlands: The U.S.-Mexico Border Anti-Archive


September 2nd – October 1st

First Friday Opening
Friday, September 2nd, 6pm – 9pm

“Stacked” Art Opening Receptions
Saturday, September 17th, 5pm – 8pm
Celebrate the opening of two activist art shows. Begin at Bennett College to see Peace and Restoration for Self-Determination by Shani Peters (artist remarks at 6pm), then take a complimentary shuttle to GPS to view the exhibition by Susan Harbage Page (artist remarks at 7pm).

The ordinary objects people leave behind as they cross the border from Mexico into the United States—a toothbrush, a worn bible, or a pair of child’s shoes—are powerful symbols of a difficult journey. 165,000 immigrants entered the U.S. via Mexico in 2014 and Guilford County is among the country’s fastest growing regions for Hispanic/Latino populations.
Since 2007, artist Susan Harbage Page has walked the border annually along the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo between Texas and Mexico, stretching from Brownsville/Matamoros to Eagle Pass/Piedras Negras. She has collected almost a thousand objects and made countless photos in this space inbetween, preserving the memory of the journey and the archeology of the space in an “anti-archive of human trauma.” Objects from the Borderlands honors the human experience and reminds us that behind every immigration statistic or census figure, there is an individual. Objects and photographs from Page’s collection are paired with local residents’ stories of their journey from Mexico to Greensboro. This exhibition will be on view at Greensboro Project Space, UNC Greensboro’s new downtown contemporary art gallery.

For more information click here.


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