IAH Podcast | Susan Harbage Page, Assistant Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies

January 11, 2016


Welcome to IAH Podcast, a series from the Institute for the Arts and Humanities at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Professor Susan Harbage Page is the only artist in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies. In our interview with her, she describes her role in this already interdisciplinary field and how this has served her in her experience as a Faculty Fellow.

She also discusses her ongoing “anti-archive” of found objects at the U.S. Mexico border. We spoke with her just before her art action in December 2015 where she crossed the U.S. Mexico border 4 times in 8 hours.

On teaching from an artist’s perspective: “What do I bring to the table? I think I bring another way to look at things and ask questions and another way to empower students.”

On the Faculty Fellowship: “I think it’s very important to be able to communicate your work to someone who is in a different discipline. That has been important for me, especially this semester…. There were some things I thought were perceived one way and then I realized,”Oh that’s now how they are perceiving this, somebody coming from another discipline.”
For more on Susan’s work, visit her website.

IAH – Podcast with Susan Harbage Page

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