Creative Citizenship Conference this Weekend in Seattle

Guiding Lights Weekend – March 8 – 10, Seattle, Washington
The Guiding Lights Weekend is a powerful interactive conference on creative citizenship. 
Hundreds of leaders and change-makers come together from all across America. We sharpen our skills. We learn new ways to solve problems. We get inspired to reclaim our democracy. Join us March 8-10 in Seattle. 
Susan Harbage Page, Artist and the Innovation Institute, McColl Center for Visual Art 

Using an Artist’s Tools to Chart Your Path   Saturday, March 10, 2012
Confused about  how to be a good citizen? Perhaps, you must first ask — how do you take care of yourself? Old ideas about the way life is “supposed” to be are useless. To peak and prosper, you must see with new eyes, tackle risks, face failure. Balance comes from integrating feelings, thoughts and actions to produce beautiful results – the wheelhouse of an artist’s life. In this session, you will work with artist Susan Harbage Page to dig deep, question myths and attack assumptions that hold you back. The day’s result will be your transformed perspective on life, work and meaningful community service.

Guiding Lights Network

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