Myers Park High School Project

I’m working on a new project with students at Myers Park High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. The project is a collaboration with the McColl Center for Visual Arts, Charlotte and is funded by the McColl Center and the Arts Teach Foundation. Students responded to the idea of “What it mens to be Green?” and made pinhole cameras out of recycled objects. Lisa Holder the photography teacher at Myers Park and Devlin McNeil and Angela Grauel from the McColl Center have been wonderful collaborators. Here are a few images of the students with cameras. I’ll post more images of our tree wrapping installation later.

Joseph Alter with Loaf of Bread Camera

Yoo Hwa Jang with Baby Shoe Camera

Corey Ring with Wooden Box Camera

Emily Johnson with Plastic Pumpkin Camera

David Harwood with Shoe Camera

Lindsay Albright with Plastic Cup Camera and Silver Box Camera

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