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Alumni Artists from the Center’s First 10 Years

McColl Center for Visual Art

The ten artists selected for the 10-year anniversary exhibition for McColl Center for Visual Art represent the depth and range of artists who have been in-residence in Charlotte from all over the world. These artists have exemplified in their residency the transformational experience of the creative process. They pushed themselves and their own intellectual, technical, and creative boundaries to achieve significant breakthroughs in their work and thinking.

Rob Carter

Shaun Cassidy
Nick Cave

Rae Goodwin

Susan Harbage Page
Hongsock Lee
Willie Little
Gabi Nkosi
Renee Stout
Kenichi Yokono

September 4-Jan 2, 2010

Opening Reception: September 25, 6-9PM

McColl Center for Visual Art
721 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28202
(704) 332-5535